You can build with us.

Ruhl stands for:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Promptness
  • Flexibility

Our product range includes:

  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-
  • Reinforcing Mats
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-                                High Tolerance Reinforcing Mats
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-                                   Chairs and Supports
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-                                Splice Connectors
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-                                    Concrete Steel Cages
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-Pilings
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-                                   Reinforced cages for Diaphragm Walls
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-                                   Tunnel Lining Segments
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel-Support Arches

Talbrücke "Wilde Gera", Thüringen
Base Tunnel Engelberg

No project is too small - and no task to big.

We are a key potential partner for a European construction companies. Thanks to our well-assorted warehouse, state-of-the-art computerized production facilities and optimal logistics from start to finish , we are able to assist all of our customers cooperatively and reliably-whether the project volume is 5 or over 100,000 tons of structural steel.

Tübbings schweißen für den Elbtunnel
Welding Tunnel Lining Segments for the Elb Tunnel

Trianon-HOchhaus, Frankfurt
Trianon High Rise Frankfurt

A few examples of projects in Europe:


Munich, Airport 85.000 to
  Berlin, Potsdamer Platz Debis 105.000 to

Stuttgart, Engelberg Base Tunnel 68.000 to

Cologne-Rhein/Main, New ICE Line 53.000 to

State Fair Grounds Stuttgart 47.000 to

Viaduc de Millau 12.000 to

Paris, Syctom Waste Processing Facility 32.000 to

Diaphragm Walls,
Harbour Facility "Le Havre"
14.000 to

Zurich, Airport 14.000 to

Basel, Stadium 6.500 to

Vienna Underground 7.500 to

Vienna-St. Pölten, New Rail Line 15.000 to

Groene Hart Tunnel 20.000 to

Brussels-Cologne, New Rail Line 18.000 to

Diaphragm Walls,
Randstadt Rail Rotterdamm
8.000 to

Milan, Daimler Chrysler 5.000 to

Olkiluoto III Nuclear Power Plant/Finland 35.000 to

Malmö City Tunnel/Sweden 18.000 to

Imarsund Project Trondheim/Norway 2.500 to